FAQ - IMO and voyage baselines

Which reference metrics are provided in the calculator and how were they selected?

The reference metrics provided are the IMO CII, IMO EEOI, CO2/day and CO2/1000 tonnes carried. The first two were included since they are the standard IMO metrics and the second two were added after feedback following market consultation.

Why is it helpful to have more than one reference standard?

This allows market participants to select the most appropriate metric for their trade. For example, CO2/1000 is most applicable to round voyage trades, CO2/ day for long charters, and EEOI for vessels which triangulate to improve their efficiency. CII is retained because this is a compliance metric.

CII estimator per year

Given the CII rating is assessed over a year what does this mean for the voyage ranking produced?

The ratings provide an indication of the CII rating outcome for a vessel if traded continuously on that route as per Baltic description for the year. It also provides an indication of the relative impact on the CII rating by electing to trade a vessel on those routes, some being more or less favourable than others for demonstrating compliance.

Why does the rating in the CII rating estimator change over time?

The regulation requires a steady tightening of the rating over time. The estimator provides an indication of how the standard vessel traded on that route would see a deteriorating ranking over time.